T-SOFT and its history

T-SOFT a.s. has been in business since 1991. Its areas of focus in the IT field include specialized information systems, system integration and system security. One of our most important capabilities is our experience in being able to rapidly design and implement IT systems that need to be deployed on a nationwide basis. Our customer base includes public authorities, banks, a wide range of different types of larger businesses and international institutions.

T-SOFT’s Main Areas of Specialization

  • IS Projects and Project Realization
  • System Integration
  • Crisis Management

Our company has teams of highly experienced personnel who are experts in their respective fields and who have been working together for many years. Their primary area of focus has been larger IT systems. T-SOFT currently has over 60 employees – most of whom are system developers and project managers with a special focus and extensive experience in crisis management, system security and system integration. The  high level of expertise of our teams facilitates our ability to complete highly specialized and non-standard projects on both a nationwide basis and within very short timeframes.

The T-SOFT Group includes the company T-SOFT ALFA s.r.o , which provides it with both administrative support and financial services. Since 2010, the T-SOFT Group has also included our own non-profit, social service foundation NADACE T-SOFT ETERNITY. This foundation is a way for the Group to support and contribute to a number of different charitable and cultural causes. The goal is to produce new quality educational, communication and cultural outcomes by taking an interdisciplinary approach, which makes use of possible areas of cooperation and innovative approaches.


We launched the Digital Archive research project for Security Forces. We started a research project on the integration and reimplementation of the ASMR (Administration of State Material Reserves) system.


We started a project to upgrade the technology of the National Security Authority system.


The DMS system is entering the next development stage. Based on the methodology of stress tests, we perform a large test within a large state institution. The BEST research project is entering the integration phase.


We apply the stress test methodology together with business continuity to large organizations. We are launching an international research project to simulate the evacuation of buildings and tunnels using cooperating models.


We developed the revolutionary modeling architecture for stress tests.


In 2018 we completed the study of cyber security laboratory of UTB university and the project of optimization analysis of Janské Lázně.
We have been a supplier of IS ARGIS for 20 years!


The main projects of this year are the project of modernization of the crisis management information system of the City of Prague, the security project of the city of Kladno and the project of the government agency IS.


Important projects this year include the optimization of the information system for LeasePlan, a leading leasing company.


In 2015, we implemented the Key2Sights project for the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage Institute. In addition, we were an integrator of a customer safety monitoring project in Southeast Asia.


In 2014, we participated in the BLACKOUT 2014 exercise, which was organized by the Prague City Council, to verify the capital city’s readiness for a surface power failure. We also completed a project for the City of Brno to link together the data being used by the city’s emergency medical services and its hospitals. For the Municipality of Chomutov, we implemented a web portal solution and provided information system administrative services.


In 2013, we developed the specialized Heracleum information system (IS Heracleum) to assist in the liquidation of hogweed and other invasive species of plants in the Karlovy Vary Region.


In 2012, we completed the first installation of a hospital patient intake management system (known by its Czech initials “DUP”) for the Karlovy Vary Hospital for the coordination and organization of the reception of all types of patients.


2011 witnessed a number of changes to the portal and communication environment of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture in relation to the state agriculture subsidy information system. This included an electronic filing option for the farmers’ portal (in Czech, “Portál farmáře”), tools for the active management and control of capacity utilization, application responsiveness, etc.


Beginning in 2010, the company became involved in a number of related projects to expand and create new applications for the eAGRI web portal. Between 2010 and 2011, this involved a number of development activities related to the DMS system; and, in 2011, this included the establishment of links with the Ministry of Agriculture’s LPIS (land registry) systém.


On 1 June 2009, T-SOFT spol. s r. o. changed its form as a legal entity into that of a joint stock company.


In 2009, the most significant projects completed by the company included the crisis management systems for the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Latvia. In the area of system integration, we completed a number of ongoing large-scale projects for the Ministry of Agriculture – including one used to secure grants from the EU within the cross-compliance mechanism. In the educational area, we put into operation the CERTIS System, which is part of the national high school graduation exam.


Since 2004, we have been involved in the 1H-PK2/35 Research Project, “Validation of the Spread Model of Life Endangering Events” (SPREAD), which seeks to verify the functions of the model used to monitor the dispersal of dust and other airborne particles that could be carriers of toxic, radioactive and biological contamination.

We also participated in the 2A-1TP1/065 Research Project, which is part of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade’s “Permanent Prosperity” program – within which is the RESPO pilot project for protection against blackouts.


Since 2000, T-SOFT has been strongly focused on a number of large system integration projects and on the development of a number of specialized information systems. Among such projects has been the information system developed for the Czech National Security Authority, where the security of the information it contains is of paramount importance.


In 1998, we developed the ARGIS system, a crisis management support tool serving all levels of government involved in the Administration of State Material Reserves (SSHR). In 1999, in connection with the then familiar Y2K problem, we developed the MONIS system to safeguard the national infrastructure at the start of the year 2000.

Even before the Czech Republic joined the European Union, T-SOFT was involved in international activities, which were focused around crisis management and the protection of critical parts of the nation’s infrastructure. Together with an international consortium, as part of the 6th Framework Program, we managed the implementation of the MEDSI project, which was the first of its kind in terms of providing information system support for crisis management activities.


We were involved with the 1994 project of the Prague City Council to integrate existing sources of environmental information into the city’s information system. This was the PRAMIS project (for the Prague Monitoring and Information System).

In the mid-1990s, T-SOFT started to offer a number of information system security products and services, ranging from risk analysis to the development of integrated security policies – in accordance with the then applicable standards and legislative requirements – and features such as Smart Card security. T-SOFT has also had significant involvement in the development of specially customized information systems handling mission-critical tasks.


In 1993, T-SOFT designed and completed the NORED project, which involved the construction of a center to handle environmental emergencies in the North Bohemian Region. The software solution was built on the UNISYS company’s MAPPER system, with supplemental linkages to the Swedish Indic-Airviro modeling systém.


In 1991, T-SOFT reorganized as a joint stock company. It was previously a limited liability company. The company’s technology team included fifteen engineering professionals from the IT Division of the former A.S. Popov Research Institute, Tesla VÚST in Prague. And, as part of its founding, the company co-established the Czech branch of the American company UNISYS.

The key pillars of T-SOFT’s initial business were its joint implementation of UNISYS’ contracts with Czech Airlines and local banks (the SWIFT system). The next important company contracts were with Czech Telecom, the Czech Army and the Ministry of Finance. For many years, T-SOFT was the general contractor for the development of a stable emergency management information system for the Central Civil Defense Office of the Czech Republic.

T-SOFT Certificate

To further support and recognize the company’s commitment to serve its clients in both the domestic and foreign markets, T-SOFT has received and maintains a number of ISO certifications. To meet its objectives in this area, the company has installed an Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management System) international standards.

Initial Unifying Policy – Integrated Management Systém

T-SOFT a.s.’s IMS was certified by the company SGS.

Norms and Standards

ISO 9001

Through the company’s consistent application and use of its quality management system, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard, T-SOFT has been able to continuously improve its business results.

pdf ISO 9001:2015 

ISO 27001 The company’s Information Security Management Standard is in place to validate the company’s commitment to confidentiality, integrity and the availability of information to the company and its clients.
ISO10006 ISO 10006  Design, research and development software, training supplies, services, systems integration and outsourcing services in information systems, crisis management and security.
ISO 22398

Software tool – service (architecture, modules and workflow) PRACTIS PROTECTED BY USEFUL MODEL No. 29133 and methodology of its use has been examined and found as a suitable electronic tool for preparatio, management and evaluating the organization of stress tests inf conformity with requirements of the ISO 22398:2013.




ISO 37001

Anti-Bribery Management Systems.

Development and implementation of special information systems, their integration and security.




Protection of Classified Information

With respect to the Czech Act on the Protection of Classified Information (Act No. 412/2005), the company holds a Business Clearance Certificate (certificate from the Czech National Security Authority No. 002578, dated August 13, 2020), which permits the company access to classified information up to the level of “Secretly”.

The company currently also has certain employees who have individual clearance certificates for the level of “Secretly”.



Further certificate — company

  • Microsoft Certified Partner – Microsoft Partner Network, Silver kompetence: Silver Devices and Deployment, Silver Data Platform, Silver Application Development
  • Microsoft Certified Provider
  • Oracle Partner Program – Oracle partner network – gold level

Further certificate — personel

  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer


T-SOFT Partners

In the information systems that T-SOFT builds for its customers, the company works as a system integrator – thus, it makes use of only the best respective products from a range of suppliers to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Here is a list of partners with whom we have worked in the past. This overview includes the suppliers of standard technology products and large foreign corporations as well as companies that have the same focus and are a similar size to T-SOFT, with whom we have worked to create a number of smart solutions.

T-SOFT is a ready partner to other companies looking to enter into fair, transparent and open business relationship, companies with similar values and companies that put an equal focus on long-term customer satisfaction. We particular look to work with companies that also have ISO 9001 quality management certification.


T-SOFT’s membership in organizations

AFCEA  Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association
AVO  Association of Research Organizations
CZAEE  Czech Society for Power Engineering Economy
ČAKM  Czech Emergency Manager’s Association
ČSSI  Czech Society for Systems Integration
 First Innovation park
ISDR  International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
 Prague Business Club
 INCEL  Association for Innovative Electronics Centre
ICT UNIE  Association for Information Technologies and Telecommunications
TIEMS  The International Emergency Managers Society